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All of the technologies offered at Contour Room are meant to facilitate proper functioning of the lymphatic system. Water retention and sluggish circulation can be improved and effectively maintained with Endermologie, Ballancer Pro and the sauna pod.

The age-defying and immune system supporting benefits of lymphatic drainage go back to the core of the treatment, which is detoxification of our fluid by facilitating removal of excess cell debris, protein, long chain fatty acids as well as B&T lymphocytes and inorganic substances. Lymphatic system is basically your body's filtering mechanism! The better it works - the better you feel and look!

Our services greatly support medical beauty treatments like liposuction, coolsculpting and other invasive body and face enhancement procedures. They are recommended prior to your surgery in order to improve your recovery process, time and results.

Endermologie rolls tissue in and stimulates the fascia to reduce cellulite