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Lightwave LED for body and face

Common applications of LED therapy:
- skin rejuvenation
- pre and post laser care
- acne and acne scars
- alopecia
- hyper - pigmentation and sun spots
- rotator cuff tears (medical)
- carpal tunnel syndrome (medical)
- lower back problems (medical)
- tissue strains and sprains (medical)
- tendonitis (medical)
- bursitis (medical)
- fibromyalgia chronic leg (medical)

Lightwave LED therapy is a very effective addition to Endermologie® Body Sculpting sessions. It can reduce the look of aging and damaged skin, resulting in a significant and noticeable esthetic enhancement - both on the body and face. 

LED therapy can stimulate your body's own natural regenerative system, accelerating the replenishment and repair of collagen and elastin, to restore a youthful appearance to your skin. The process requires pure beneficial (UV free) light, which is converted into cellular energy. This energy is used to optimize and revitalize the health of damaged tissue. This process is also known as "photobiostimulation".

client undergoing red LED treatment

LED is completely save and does not produce thermal damage. Treatments are 20-30 minutes long and very relaxing. A great follow up treatment after tissue stimulation with Endermologie® Face treatment.

- no thermal damage
- no down time
- cost effective

Lightwave is also a great tool in restoring flaccid skin. If you are concerned about your body tone and need help to restore its vitality, Lightwave can be very beneficial. It improves skin tone and skin texture for a smoother and more youthful appearance, especially on the stomach area or above the knees. 

Lightwave® LED therapy pricing:
 body (20-30 minutes), $50
10 sessions, $400
face (20 minutes), $40
10 sessions, $300

We enforce a 24 hrs cancellation policy. If appointment is canceled within less than 24 hrs or you miss your appointment, you are responsible for the total cost of your session. All appointment requests have to be followed up with a full prepayment of the service booked. We strictly enforce this appointment policy out of respect for our waitlist clients and our highly qualified technicians.