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Face endermologie® 

Endermologie® Face Sculpting treatment with the MobiLift6 from LPG® is the alternative to invasive facial procedures, like lasers and fillers, with ZERO downtime!

The LPG® treatment head equipped with Motorized Pulsating Flap technology stimulates the fibroblasts (skin cells), which are responsible for the natural production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid – substances that are essential for skin FIRMNESS, VOLUME and SUPPLENESS.


Skin Toning
Enhance Skin Radiance
Fluid Mobilization
Eye Circles and Puffiness
Loose and Sagging Skin Including Hands
Fine Lines and Wrinkles


increased firmness by + 53%
increased skin thickness by + 240%
ecreased nasolabial fold by - 43%

Endermologie® Face pricing
30 minutes, $70
10 sessions, $600

add ons:
LED (20 minutes), $35
Dermatude active ingredient delivery (75 minutes), $250
Coolifting® (30 minutes), $150 
Oxygeneo® (60 minutes), $175

We enforce a 24 hrs cancellation policy. 
If appointment is canceled within less than 24 hrs or you miss your appointment, you are responsible for the total cost of your session
All appointment requests have to be followed up with a full prepayment of the service booked. We strictly enforce this appointment policy out of respect for our waitlist clients and our highly qualified technicians.